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Bruno Van Den Bossche
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With its Media Asset Management products called MediaHaven, Zeticon offers a versatile solution for Media Asset Management for customers in the broadcasting industry, corporate environments and public sector. MediaHaven helps you manage the storage, retrieval, and distribution of digital media files throughout your organization. It enables you to cope with the growing size and ever-increasing number of media files in a cost-efficient way. At the same time, it creates new possibilities to better valorise your media content.The Zeticon team consists of highly-skilled professionals who combine an extensive technological knowledge with a broad experience in software development and integrating solutions into existing and new workflows. Based on its flexibility and experience, the Zeticon team consistently delivers on schedule innovative, cost-effective, state-of-the-art solutions in its many projects
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+32 (0)9 275 31 31
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  • Ghent, Belgium
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    Licensing Model
    This refers to the type of licence the DAM system software is supplied under. Proprietary means that the developer restricts access to the source code (the instructions used to generate the software). Open source means that the developer provides full access to the code so you can modify it yourself. Split model is hybrid and means they may offer both options with some restrictions removed (or added) depending on the model chosen. If split is selected, it is advisable to verify the differences with the vendor.
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  • Installed (On-Premise)
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