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Sebastien Bardoz
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With 120 employees and offices in Paris, Frankfurt and New York, Wedia is one of the world's "Top 10" players in Digital Asset Management.

We support more than 250 global brands in sectors as varied as Retail (Adeo, Décathlon, Casino...), Financial Services (Silicon Valley Bank, Crédit Agricole, Covéa, Groupama...), Consumer Product Goods (Danone, Savencia, Estee Lauder, Pierre Fabre...), Automotive (Renault, Volvo, Harley-Davidson...) or Industry (bioMerieux, Michelin, Sandvik...).

Wedia is a provider of Digital Asset Management software solutions to large organizations.

Because today the visuals (photos, videos, 3D, 360°...) participate, better than any textual argument, in the promotion of their brands and products, our customers are faced with multiple issues:

- an ever-growing number of diverse assets that must be rendered in hundreds of variations (size, quality, format, crop),

- a problem of control of the regulatory constraints and respect of the brand guidelines,

- and above all, the need to adapt and distribute these visuals over multiple channels, physical or digital, via heterogeneous and legacy software solutions, all with a single objective: to continuously improve the effectiveness of these visuals and the user experience they help create.

We help our clients manage this complexity and convert their marketing visuals into sales.

Our solution, the result of 10 years of development, responds to all these challenges (storage of several million pieces of content, processing of more than 500 formats of photos, videos, 3D, ability to fit into the complexity of global groups - subsidiaries, BUs, multiple brands - and their constraints, Artificial Intelligence, connectivity to various "martech" solutions, monthly distribution of several billion photos, videos on all continents, "scoring" of the most effective content, contextualization of visuals...).

We are recognized by industry analysts, including Gartner and Forrester. 

Our solution is therefore focused on the user experience and enables global brands to deliver personalized visual content, across all channels, without scale limitations.

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  • Paris, Fance
  • New York, USA
  • Frankfurt, Germany
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  • https://www.wedia-group.com/references/
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  • Yes
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  • SaaS

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