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pimcore GmbH

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Dietmar Rietsch
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Managing digital assets is a huge challenge, especially due to the exponential growth of digital assets in large and small organizations. As a solid and proven open-source DAM/MAM solution, pimcore offers a comprehensive and user-friendly toolbox to manage, enrich and distribute any type of digital asset.

Manage Anything Digital
Pimcore provides a powerful central repository for any type of digital asset and its meta-data. Compatible with more than a 100 different file formats, bitmap and vector images, Office documents, PDFs and video codecs pimcore is the open-source choice for managing your enterprise assets. It is a solid DMA/MAM framework for creating highly customizable enterprise applications such as marketing management and brand portals, press and media sites to content delivery networks.

Digital curation & meta data management
There is far more to a digital asset, than just the asset itself. It has to be curated, enriched and often optimized and edited. Pimcore supports your digital curation workflow by providing the needed tools. So adding any type of structured meta data to assets is a piece of cake. By the way: Of course pimcore automatically takes care of the existing EXIF data.

It integrates just perfectly
Pimcore is only one mouse click away from your desktop: Just use WebDAV (File System) to integrate pimcore directly into your Windows or Apple environment and use your existing IT knowledge to update and work with the assets. CTO or developer? Use the programmatic XML or JSON REST interfaces to connect pimcore asset management features directly to your existing applications. It just integrates.
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+43 662 876 60 62 30
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  • Salzburg, Austria
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