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John Price
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OpenText is a global, publicly traded Canadian software company with more than 8200 employees in 140 offices around the world. Our software and technology help large and small enterprises manage and secure their unstructured digital data and rich media. Our broad portfolio of solutions, including DAM, is deployed both on premises and in the cloud.

OpenText began in the late '80s as a University of Waterloo research project to digitize all 60 million words of the Oxford Dictionary, and make them searchable (thus, the meaning behind "OpenText"). During that process the Internet's first search engine technology was created. OpenText incorporated in 1991 and the new search engine technology it invented was soon adopted by Yahoo!, one of its first customers. In 2004, OpenText acquired Artesia one of the original pioneers in Digital Asset Management.

If you look closely, every organization is a media company, with images, videos, marketing collateral, training materials, presentations, etc., all used to communicate inside and outside the firewall. OpenText shows you how to simplify, transform and accelerate your rich media throughout your enterprise.

OpenText Media Management has more than 20 years experience in DAM. We help you manage all your video, images, and rich media for the entire enterprise in one place. Media Management features a completely redesigned user experience that puts the digital content you want at your fingertips. Whether your typing or swiping, our simple yet powerful user interface makes your job easier. In Media Management the HTML5 interface and responsive design reduces complexity and unnecessary clutter to find what you need, share, collaborate, and use your digital assets.

Digital Asset Management is a core technology and a critical infrastructure component for the digital supply chain. From creation to consumption, OpenText Media Management provides a "single source of truth" and consolidated asset repository for marketing, branding, commerce, video and global distribution. It's an integral part of an ecosystem with interconnected and interdependent contributors and production environments (such as agencies, photo, video,audio, graphics, layout) provisioning digital media content for the omni-channel / cross-channel digital supply chain, digital operations, marketing and brand management. Whether your business focus is consumers in B2C; a B2B partner network, or a combination of suppliers, distributors and customers, in today’s multichannel world it's all about getting the right content and rich experiences to users on the platforms and devices they choose.

Media Management has engineered a platform allowing customers to respond to ever-growing demands for media rich content. By connecting people, processes, and content with APIs and other tools, plus a sophisticated yet simple HTML5 UI, Media Management supports enterprise-wide ecosystems. What this means for our customers is faster integrations with enterprise applications - such as web content management, ecommerce, customer communication, CRM, MRM, PIM / PCM - and easier customizations for the way your users expect to work.

As a leading enterprise Digital Asset Management solution, Media Management has workflow-driven, multichannel capabilities for producing, publishing, and distributing digital media and content through a secure, scalable platform. OpenText provides the core enterprise infrastructure, key platform components and capabilities supporting the DAM ecosystem with the efficiencies of "create-once, use-many" to repurpose, re-express, reuse, and re-create your rich media assets.

Our customers have measurable gains in cost savings and increased productivity from automated, collaborative processes and a centralized, searchable repository. Focusing on our core competency in DAM and a scalable platform to interconnect and integrate with other components in complex enterprise ecosystems is a major OpenText differentiator.

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  • OpenText Global Headquarters 275 Frank Tompa Drive Waterloo, ON N2L 0A1 Canada
  • OpenText Office Locations http://www.opentext.com/who-we-are/office-locations
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    OpenText Media Management
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