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Jesper Andersen
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ioGates Shar­ing is a flex­i­ble, yet easy to use file shar­ing plat­form tai­lored for video pro­duc­tion.

You can eas­ily con­trol what the in­di­vid­ual re­ceiver can see and do on a share link and all per­mis­sions can be mod­i­fied at any time with­out the need to re-send the share link.

  • Enable download for original files and/or transcoded version
  • Give the share user the ability to upload content back into the share folder
  • Enable comments so your clients can give feedback, even on specific time codes
  • High Security – Using Personalized Watermarking the proxy preview video will have the share receiver’s email address burned in.
  • High Security – Two-factor Authentication on shares links and backend users.
  • Real-time subtitling overlay with support multiple languages

The benefits of ioGates

Share Links from ioGates pro­vide a clean and ef­fi­cient in­ter­face for view­ing files. All files are au­to­mat­i­cally pre­pared for pre­view mak­ing it easy for you and your clients.

“I love the se­cu­rity and speed that ioGates pro­vide” – Jes­per Ko­dahl “Di­rec­tor”

The com­ments op­tion al­lows you and your team to have con­tex­tual com­mu­ni­ca­tion and re­ceive ap­provals. Use ioGates as a de­liv­ery plat­form with the down­load op­tions or re­ceive files di­rectly in the shared folder us­ing the up­load op­tion

ioGates is de­signed to give none tech­ni­cal users the abil­ity to man­age ad­vanced me­dia work­flows with­out lengthy train­ing ses­sions. ioGates will save your com­pany time and money on the re­duces man­power and speed up work­flows, but most im­por­tantly make you and your clients hap­pier.

ioGates sim­ply makes your life eas­ier and your clients happy.

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  • Copenhagen / Denmark
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  • Broadcast / TV Stations
  • Video production
  • Defence industry
  • Advertising
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  • Installed (On-Premise)
  • SaaS

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