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Sarah Fullerton
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IntelligenceBank offers beautifully designed and easy to use Brand Hub and Digital Asset Management solutions, to help you bring your brand to life, manage digital files and the creative process. The IntelligenceBank Digital Asset Management solution includes the following tools and features.

Key features include:

  • Easy upload of digital files in any size or format - including bulk upload. URLs can also be uploaded. Maximum file size is 2GB per file.
  • Automatically convert your image files from more than 100 file formats to the most commonly used ones: JPG, PNG and GIF; Users can change the images size and format on the fly when downloading them.
  • Automatically extract metadata of your digital assets when uploaded, including IPTC and EXIF standards.
  • View each asset folder in different layouts: Image Thumbnails, Titles and Details.
  • Email links to files, folders and collections. Email links to non-registered users on selected folders.
  • Uploaded files are instantly available to select groups of users.
  • Comments and ratings on all assets.
  • Advanced search engine searching title, keywords and any global filters (universal metadata) assigned.
  • Preview digital assets directly online in more than 100 commonly used image file formats, including previewing audio and video on the fly.
  • Thumbnails are automatically created on most assets uploaded for easy view.
  • Assign ownership information, copyright information and usage parameters to your digital files to track how and where they are being used.
  • Review dates to be automatically alerted when an asset is due for renewal, or should be expired to archive.
  • All assets can be archived with bulk moves to archive folders. As an option, these images can be listed but not downloaded unless there is prior approval.
  • Tie the downloading of digital assets to an approval process to control and track the usage of digital assets.
  • Workflow with escalations that mirror internal approvals (which can be changed as the organization changes).
  • Protect the integrity of your visual assets with a watermark image and/or text.
  • Control the publication of digital assets within your platform (highly customizable Publish Approval process).
  • Email visual links to digital assets so you don't have to send large files through limited email systems.
  • Email alerts so people are automatically notified when new assets are available or updated.
  • Take control of what information you view on IntelligenceBank with customized Dashboards. Dashboards allow users to view recently uploaded assets, outstanding production tasks and manage Web-to-Print templates in one convenient location.
  • Detailed audit trail of all asset usage for an ROI on all marketing materials specifically licensed photography.
  • All assets can be related or linked to one another.
  • Can create online workspaces for specific projects by linking stored assets into workspace folders.
  • Comprehensive audit trail of all usage of each asset, and usage by an individual.
  • Custom Pages - the ability to create custom landing pages to introduce different sections of the platform to re-emphasize your branding and the purpose of each area.
  • IntelligenceBank Connector for Adobe InDesign CC - graphic designers can browse and place images within their IntelligenceBank DAM, directly from InDesign while creating artwork files.
  • Optimize your DAM to sell branded materials, pictures and downloadable content to the general public. 
  • Automatic Keyword Tagging - using advanced AI image recognition technology, we automatically suggest keywords for your files.
  • Granular permissions with the ability to set different welcome pages to different divisions/audiences.
  • Drag and drop assets into numerous web-based applications through IntelligenceBank's web browser based universal connector.
  • The ability to create public galleries to allow people without platform use to view and download files.
  • Custom Branding with several fonts installed.
  • Flexible Administration so main admin users can make changes to look and feel (i.e. change hero image on homepage) on the fly without assistance from IT.
  • Mobile friendly and iPad App for offline viewing of resources.

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+1 855 241 0150
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  • San Diego, US
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • London, UK
  • Product Name
    IntelligenceBank Digital Asset Management
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  • Carlsberg, Two Roads Hospitality, KFC, World Vision, NAB, Santos, Gloria Jeans, Baptist Health and more..
  • Partner Network
    If the vendor operates through a sales channel they may use intermediaries who have regional focus or additional specialisms in a given vertical market.
  • No
  • Licensing

    Licensing Model
    This refers to the type of licence the DAM system software is supplied under. Proprietary means that the developer restricts access to the source code (the instructions used to generate the software). Open source means that the developer provides full access to the code so you can modify it yourself. Split model is hybrid and means they may offer both options with some restrictions removed (or added) depending on the model chosen. If split is selected, it is advisable to verify the differences with the vendor.
  • Proprietary
  • Licence Notes
    Pricing starts at $9/user/month and is based on user numbers and data storage required. See intelligencebank.com/digital-asset-management/pricing for more details.


    Software Delivery Methods
  • Installed (On-Premise)
  • SaaS
  • Hybrid

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