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Hyphen-Italia srl

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Lucia Zanetti
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The challenge of effectively managing digital data, information and content – that’s where it all started.

We help our customers manage your digital content in the most effective way – images, video, print content, web content, documents and data of any kind.
Helping you turning your data into value: this is what we do at Hyphen-Italia.

As we live in the multi-channel communication era, your digital content is a valuable asset. Its potential can be fully exploited only if it can be effectively managed: collected, organized, catalogued, archived andproperly delivered to the intended company users or audience when they need it, throughout the appropriate media and communication channels.
This is what we help you do.

Our technical and business approach has been guided by the idea that technology is the tool to build the solution, it is not the solution itself.

Effective use of the technology streamlines processes and activities and ultimately provides a better and more effective solution to our customers to better operate their business both within the organization and in the marketplace. This is true value, delivered.

To accomplish these goals, we have combined innovative IT knowledge, software development, and market-specific business practice and process expertise along with the adoption of our unique business approach and project implementation methodologies. This is innovation, delivered.

These methods and practices help us determine and address the real and relevant needs of our customers in the scope of their business processes, operations and supply chain.

Hyphen-Italia: true value and innovation, delivered.

We offer solutions to the following markets:
Cross-media systems and applications for Corporate, Brand and Product marketing communication as well as the publishing market.

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+39 045 62.03.200
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  • Via Marconi, 14 – 37010 AFFI (VR) - ITALY
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