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Filipe Pena
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GISP was created in 1990. Its founders were a group of entrepreneurs, starting its activity in the IT area, whose main purpose was aimed at the development and implementation of business management software for the media industry.

During its first years of activity, GISP has rendered services on an exclusivity basis to the Portuguese public television broadcaster – RTP.

Since 2003, it has expanded towards new media clients and markets, in order to face the market as a global provider of business management software for the media industry. As a result of this strategy, Gisp solutions have been successfully implemented on important Portuguese and Angolan television and radio broadcasters, such as RTP, SIC, Sport TV, TPA, TVC, TV Zimbo, Rádio Renascença and TSF.

By focusing on the media industry, GISP gained a detailed understanding of its clients’ needs and the challenges they face in an increasingly complex and changing industry. Consequently, GISP solutions provide the framework, functionality and flexibility to meet their diverse needs.

GISP has restyled its corporate identity as part of a strategy for a better and more accurate communication policy, modernizing its visual image as a natural effect.

This changes were planned to fit with a new communication policy focused on the products and the own company identity. This way GSoft brand identity took the leading role and GISP corporate identity took its natural place in the backstage. The evolution undertaken in our communication strategy also substantially improved the perception of the global product hierarchy along with a coherent visual policy.

In the last 2 years, GSoft has increased the investment on new business areas, with particular attention to the media management systems and web content management systems.

GSoft future stands for new challenges and a clear spotlight on new businesses and markets.

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