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Gallery Server

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Roger Martin
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Gallery Server is an affordable and easy-to-use digital asset management and web gallery application. It is available under a 100% free open source license as well as a commercial license that is a fraction of the cost of other DAM systems.

Play with live demos where you can browse the gallery and upload your own files.

Use any web browser to organize your media files into albums you can easily add, edit, delete, rotate, rearrange, copy and move. Easily add thousands of files using one-click synchronize and ZIP file upload functions. 

Video and audio files are automatically encoded into web-friendly H.264 MP4 and M4A files.

Customize the UI with built-in template and skin support. Support for zero-maintenance community galleries. Powerful user security with flexible, per-album granularity. Metadata extraction and editable, customizable properties. Built-in support for playing most video and audio files. GPS mapping. Auto-sync your gallery with your files. Integrated search function. Image watermarking with your own text and/or image.

Supports Active Directory integration. 100% managed code written in C# and ASP.NET 4.5. Free, open source software released under the GNU General Public License.

New in Version 3: Customizable, skinnable UI. Resizable, dockable 3-pane layout. Tagging support. Editable asset properties. Video encoder now creates fast-start H.264 MP4 from most files. Improved sorting. Improved mobile device support.

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  • Boulder, CO
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    Gallery Server
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