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CleanPix Corp.

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Nathanael Ritz
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CleanPix – digital asset management for PR/Marketing; HD Videos, Hi–Res Photos, PDF’s, Logos +

CleanPix is a tool that simplifies the organization and delivery of all your PR/Marketing files to anyone with access to the web.

Right File: 

Easily organize and locate your files from a single location, even across multiple departments.

Benefit: Reduce stress induced by reliance on networks shared drives and server storage space worries. Save time and cost associated with searching and managing your files.

Right Format: 

CleanPix automatically converts video, photos and logos into multiple formats. This includes retaining the professional quality version and previews for everyday use.

Benefit: You save time as you no longer need to hunt for the correct file type saved or accidentally hidden who knows where, and files are reformatted to industry standards. Logos, created by designers, are hand checked for color accuracy when converted and reformatted maintaining brand integrity.

Right Now: 

Unlike FTP clients and servers, you don't need to train your user how to download files from CleanPix. You find the asset you want to deliver and your done.

Benefit: Happy end-user! This helps to promote brand loyalty and continued requests for YOUR files, increasing the exposure of your brand. In particular, in situations where there is a deadline to meet.

Many delivery options

With stand out speed and 4 delivery methods to choose from, CleanPix has the tools you need to get your files “out there”.

  • Produce automatic image libraries linked to the web that you control
  • Respond immediately to media requests on demand
  • Build and print contact sheets to hand out during events
  • Send email campaigns complete with both your press release and high resolution files (all without clogging their inbox)

Easy on your IT team

With CleanPix, you have no special hardware or software to maintain. CleanPix understands that time is valuable and there are few things as frustrating as a tool that is misbehaving. CleanPix made its reputation over the 12 past years in proactively handling all technical support issues. This means everyone, including yourself and the endusers can get on with their day.

Easy on Your Budget:

CleanPix is an affordable solution that is quickly adopted by your team. There are no hidden fees and pricing is scalable to fit your needs. No set-up fee, no download or upload fee. Implement the CleanPix system in matters of days, not months.

Right File. Right format. Right now.™ 


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