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AMP Media Systems, Inc.

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Ken Garff
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Markets today have a massive and growing appetite for rich media. Marketers are under enormous pressure to produce and deliver all kinds of images, videos, copy, presentations, ads, and other digital marketing media. Now, besides orchestrating the creation of all content, marketing teams now face the additional challenge of organizing, converting and rapidly sharing this flood of media assets. This new and growing burden can leave marketers distracted from their primary objective.

The Advanced Media Portal™ (AMP) is a new breed of DAM built specifically to Organize, Convert and Share marketing media in support of all marketing programs critical to business success. AMP is a complete enterprise-class digital asset management solution, more specifically it is a Marketing Media Management system replacing outdated or mis-fit DAM technology and other subpar solutions for marketers. AMP is delivered as a SaaS, ensuring hassle-free implementation, scalability, and ongoing compatibility with evolving formats, CMS interfaces and emerging marketing technologies.AMP provides a clear differentiation from outdated and cumbersome ’tag' and 'folder' based solutions bringing automation, accessibility and speed to the management and distribution of all a company's valuable marketing content.AMP intelligently adapts to specific marketing needs and ensures your valuable marketing media will always be at the fingertips of everyone who needs it.

•Centralize for Efficiency

•Control & Protect Brand

•Enable Sales•Access & Share Easily

•Convert Media Automatically

•Automate Organization

•Support Campaigns

•Measure Consumption

•Scale Globally

SMART.Our product development team researched media bottlenecks at over 100 major brands like; Toshiba, Apple, Experian, Taco Bell, Oakley, Bosch, Quicksilver, Burton and others before we built the Advanced Media Portal. We understand the issues brand marketers really face in today’s digital world. AMP’s new patented technology and unique features eliminate media handling issues that burden digital marketing and limit business growth.  The AMP system is more than convenience for marketers, AMP ensures that your media is ready to power every stage of the customer cycle.SIMPLE TO USE.The AMP system interface is efficient and intuitive. Media is categorized into smart topics that align with your products and categories. Media associations are automated and users can take instant action on products or drill in further to preview and select individual media elements.FAST.AMP allows users to quickly share brand content without ever downloading it, keeping your networks, smartphones and computers running at full speed. If delivery tasks are repetitive you can  use our advanced APIs and feeds  to automate the delivery of your partner content. AMP will ensure your brand voice is heard loud and clear everywhere your products are sold.

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1 (949) 705-6900
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  • Irvine, CA USA
  • Tokyo, Japan
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    Advanced Media Portal
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  • Toshiba
  • Skullcandy
  • D-Link
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  • SaaS

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