About Us

DAM Vendors enables prospective users of DAM systems to search for candidate vendors who might have products with the features they require using a simple but powerful filtering tool. An on-line help guide is also available.

The DAM Vendor search facility has been established by DAM industry journal, Digital Asset Management News.

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Search Options

The filtering options include:

  • Keyword search
  • Licensing
  • Hosting
  • Technology (Client, Operating System, Web Server, Server Technology)
  • Metadata
  • Search (Keyword, Faceted, Folders, Linked)
  • Metadata (Embedded Metadata such as IPTC or XMP)
  • Asset Processing
  • Asset Manipulation
  • Scripting & API
  • Authentication (LDAP etc)
  • Multi-Lingual Support
Also shown is the following additional information:

  • Latest Version Number
  • Date Of Last Release
  • Documentation links
  • Links to source code (Open Source only)
  • Trial download or sandbox link
  • RSS Feed
  • Latest tweets
  • Facebook page
  • LinkedIn page
  • Links to search results that can be shared with others

Registered users can also view the following:

  • Screenshots
  • Videos
  • Data Sheets

Vendor Profile

On each vendor search result page, as well as the responses to the questions used to filter prospective vendors, you may also find screenshots, videos, datasheets and documentation URLs as well as a variety of other information. This has been supplied by vendors and is an entirely optional, none are obligated to enter any more details other than those required to allow the search functions to operate successfully.

Privacy Policy And Sharing Of Data With Third Parties

We do not share any contact information with third parties. Your details will not be sold, transferred or exchanged with anyone else, this includes the vendors who have entries in this directory.

Data Disclaimer

All directory data has been supplied by vendors themselves. You must arrange your own due diligence of any prospective candidate product you find. You accept full responsibility for verifying the suitability of any vendor whose services you might subsequently take up.

Copyright & Intellectual Property

The information contained on this site is copyright Digital Asset Management News apart from any data supplied by individual vendors who retain the intellectual property over any material submitted. You are not permitted to replicate the data on this website without the explicit written permission of Digital Asset Management News and the vendor(s) involved. Any images, video, or documents contained on vendor profiles are the copyright of each vendor and may not be used without explicit prior permission from them. No material available on this website may be considered an 'orphaned work' and you must contact both ourselves and the vendors who participate before you are permitted to re-publish or re-distribute anything contained herein.