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4 Flying Srl

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Stefano Agrezzi
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4 Flying , software and solutions for content and marketing management
We design and implement solutions for multichannel communication, integrating knowledge, software and services.
Thanks to the combination of IT skills, design and marketing, we have developed software and solutions dedicated to content and marketing management across the media, improving business strategies for businesses.

eTEAM is our DAM platform for the centralised strategic content management, that provides efficiency, data security and global control.
It's structured in specific modules for DAM, PIM, DMS, CRM, CMS functions.

eTEAM and the derived solutions are used by major international companies in the world of industry, retail, GDO, insurance and communication.
This permit to create, manage and publish content on different media, helping to achieve growth in communication effectiveness.
This platform is also our base to create and offer customized cloud software solutions on the actual needs of the company.

Specialized and vertical solutions have emerged from the specialization in some sectors. Some examples are:

  • 4PACK allows the management of the packaging process, as an essential value to maintain, manage and preserve.
    It allows you to manage packaging or label datas and files that are always up to date, optimising the entire workflow and creating archives automatically.
    The solution is aimed at those who work daily to create, manage, control, revise or approve the packaging; typically they are internal company and co-ordinating functions, such as Marketing, Technical Services, Legal and the graphics department, but also external functions such as creative agencies, pre-press companies and printers.

  • 4RETAIL, for the effective management of Point of Purchase (PoP) communication in a retailer firm, arranging orders, deliveries and the display of in-store advertising campaigns.
    It governs the mapping of stores and PoP, it displays the exhibition points, manages advertising campaigns, facilitates and organises support activities such as the ongoing reordering process and monitors performance through the online dashboard.

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+39 045 2082770
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  • Verona, Italy
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    eTEAM Cross Media Solution
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