DAM Vendors - Account Types

DAM Vendors offers three different account types: unregistered, registered and premium. Below is a breakdown of what is available in each followed by a more detailed explanation.

Basic Information
View vendor contact information
Hosting choices
Licensing model
DAM Features & Technology Choices
Technologies used
Search facilities
Embedded metadata support
Asset processing
Asset manipulation
Multi-lingual support
Vendor datasheets
Social Networking
Twitter vendor profiles
LinkedIn vendor profiles
Facebook vendor profiles
Scripting, Extensibility and Integration
Integration features (API)
Vendor architecture (SOA capability)
Scripting & SDK
Plug-In support
SharePoint integration
Office integration
Adobe Creative Suite integration
EPiServer integration
Druapl integration
WordPress integration
Reporting & Business Intelligence
Vendor Shortlisting & Contact Tools
Shortlist vendors
Share shortlists with colleagues
Prompt vendors to answer missing questions
Batch contact vendors with RFPs or RFIs
Documentation & Reports
Download vendor profiles as Word files
Free copy of two vendor selection educational reports and directory package

Guide To Packages


Unregistered users can get basic details about vendors and can search by the hosting types offered (SaaS, On-Premise or Hybrid) as well as the licensing model (Proprietary or Open Source). This option is useful if you only need to find broad information about a DAM vendor, such as website or contact information.


Registered users have a much more detailed range of information, including the technology choices made by the DAM vendor, search facilities, embedded metadata support, asset processing, asset manipulation, integration features, authentication and multi-lingual support. They can also see screenshots, download vendor whitepapers and view videos (if the vendor has provided them).


Premium users have an even wider range of facilities to help them locate the right DAM solution. They can filter by vendor application architecture, scripting or SDK capabilities, plug-in support, advanced integration with SharePoint or other WCM tools and reporting or business intelligence features. A custom shortlists facility can be used to group potential vendors and share lists with colleagues. The premium account allows vendors in a shortlist or search results to be contacted via email as a batch and to include RFP or RFI documentation as attachments. This feature alone can save hours of time manually finding contact information and emailing each vendor separately.

If any vendors you might be interested in have not yet completed a question on their profile, Premium account holders can request an automated prompt (anonymously or with their contact information). All vendor responses can also be downloaded in Word format by premium users so they can quickly get a generic overview of what each vendor offers without needing to wade through websites and promotional literature.

If you are in the process of selecting a Digital Asset Management solution and absolutely need to make the correct decision, the premium account is ideal. To get one, first register as a normal member and then use via the link on the member dashboard. The cost is currently $499 and a subscription lasts for six months. Premium accounts are now part of DAM Vendor Selection Education Report & Software Package and include two reports on solution selection as well as an 850 page PDF with full vendor details included.


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